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Deposit with PaysafeCard at the online casino

Deposit with PaysafeCard at the online casino 18 May

Deposit with PaysafeCard at the online casino

A PaysafeCard is a so-called prepaid card; Ie it is already “charged” with a certain amount of money. Paysafe tickets are available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Paying or making transactions with this card is the best private method at an online casino. There are already over 280,000 shops or service providers in Europe, where the Paysafe card can be obtained; Including petrol stations, tobacco stores, kiosks, electronics stores and e-Internet shops. A PIN number comes with every card, so you can securely pay for online casinos and other shops or service providers.

If your transaction is less than the value of this card, the remaining balance can be used for further transactions. The PaysafeCard has an integrated digital security code that allows access to and access to the owner of the card.

Deposit limits and supported currencies
The PaysafeCard is available with the following money amounts – € 10, € 25, € 50 and € 100. You can buy two cards and use both for deposits of more than € 100; In fact you can use up to 10 Paysafe cards, so you have a money amount of € 1,000 available. You can, of course, also use the PaysafeCard for transactions in other currencies, as most currencies automatically convert currencies and the amount is debited from the PaysafeCard. Available currencies are EUR, GBP, CHF, SKK, CZK, PLN, DKK, RON, SEK and NOK.

If you decide to pay more than you might have on the Paysafe card, you can pay the balance with a credit card. Paysafe card pins can also be purchased online if you do not feel like running to the nearest kiosk.

To use a PaysafeCard at an online casino, you only have to click on the Paysafe card logo (if available) and you enter the deposit amount and the 16-digit PIN. The latter is available either on the card or the receipt of your Paysafe ticket purchase.

BAWAG Bank issues the Paysafe card as a legal payment in Austria, while Commerzbank AG does so in Germany. A perfect system for Europeans who want to keep their private data for themselves.

payout options
Since the PaysafeCard is a cash card, you can use it as cash itself. Unfortunately there are no payment options. If you win at an online casino, then you have to use the available payment options of the online casino, so that you get the profit amount among other things on your regular bank account.

How to make a deposit with the PaysafeCard on the casino account?
Download the casinos software of your favorite online casinos, install them and open a game or casino account. Then click on the deposit option for payment with the PaysafeCard. Now you can make an immediate deposit and then immediately start playing.

• Easy to use
• Available for purchases and payment throughout Europe and also online
• You can buy several Paysafe tickets
• Practical and safe
• No personal information or credit card details are required for purchase
• No software or hardware is required

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