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10 reasons why you should immediately try gambling on the Internet …

10 reasons why you should immediately try gambling on the Internet … 18 May

10 reasons why you should immediately try gambling on the Internet …

A few days ago, we asked guys from casino schools once again why it is better to play in an online casino than to do what we should actually do. The high-pitched result of this deep question can be read below …

10. It is much better than Lottogielen
No really. The Lottospielen is one of the most boring kinds of entertainment that man ever invented. They go to the lottery and buy a ticket. Then go back home and wait to see if you won anything. That’s it. Where is the adrenaline rush here? Especially where you know that the odds for the big lottery jackpot win are about 1 to 140 million. Forget the state lottery and visit an online casino instead. More fun and higher profit chances are guaranteed!

9. Your favorite team has lost again
It is sad to see if the favorite team loses an important game. But at least the team has made it into an important game. To see how the team of your dreams loses one game after the other – that’s quite a joke. Unfortunately, this is common to most of us. Only the few teams win over the long term. That’s why gambling on the internet is so convenient. You can once again watch your favorite team lose. The emotional humiliation is the same, but you can at least make some money …

8. Tibids are not cute
Let’s say you’re playing Blackjack in a land-based game bank. You have received your cards and the total number is 20. The dealer has a three and a four and you believe that everything will go well. The dealer takes another card and it is a picture card. OK. Your chances are still quite good. Now he takes another card and it’s a 2, so his total number is now 15. They are still there. Now the dealer gets an Ace – 16. They have the feeling that it is now. You can not lose. Then the dealer draws a 6 and thus has 21! What are you doing? You can not call it – otherwise you will be thrown out. But you can abuse your computer – especially in your own home. That’s why you’d rather play online now …

7. The weather is crappy
Of course it depends on where you are at the moment, but probably it is too hot, too cold or too rainy to do anything productive. Again nothing in the cunt? Just try your luck at an online casino. Even if you do not win, it will be fun.

6. Slippers
Going out is exhausting. You have to take a shower, get dressed, find a cool bar, convince your friends to come with you, drive a car or take the bus. Just stay home in your fluffy chubby skis. Pay just as much as you would spend in a bar or a club in your favorite casino and have a lot of fun – maybe you even win something …

5. Nerve your life
You can admit it quietly. Many people sometimes look for a way to annoy the life companion while enjoying themselves at the same time. And what is better than to ignore Schatzi‘s calls by online gambling? Of course, you can use the argument that you are actually only trying to make money to fund your dream curiosity.

4. No elevator music / clicking the poker chips
Who does not know it? They sit in the casino and try to concentrate and hear nothing but the annoying whir of the game machines, clicking the poker chips or the caustic elevator music in the background. A nightmare for any Rage against the machine fan. Instead, you could easily have stayed at home. Then you would have the choice of what music you want to hear, or whether at all, and you could concentrate on your game in peace.

3. You can also play for free at the online casino
Sounds quite unlikely for newcomers to the online casino world, but it is not. All online casinos have a demo / game money version of the software, which allows you to test and practice all casino games for free. There are even online casinos, like the Casino Tropez and the Platinum Play Casino , where you are given free money to test the real money version of the software. Like a perfume in the drugstore. Only much much better …

2. The odds in the online casino are higher than in the casino
The profit opportunities in the onlinecasino are higher than in the state lottery should be clear. But did you know that the odds of online casinos are also higher than in the local casino? Since these internet casinos have much lower operating costs than their land-based counterparts, they can also pour more money back to the player (often in the form of a bonus). This is a very clear marketing strategy of the online casinos to tempt you, but better profit chances are now times a fact one can not ignore.

1. It makes more fun to gamble online than anything else on your task list
No really. Why do you think there is Solitaire on every machine? Millions of people squander their time at these stupid games because they just do not have anything better or more important to do. And this is absolutely OK. Playing in an online casino is for the same purpose, but it is much more fun and makes some good fortune to millionaires!

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